Friday, February 19, 2010


I can go weeks here without seeing or hearing any signs of aircraft. Occasionally a rancher in a Cessna or a Cub, running his fences, will buzz the place at low level and waggle his wings, but there'll be no signs of big stuff, high up.

Then, according to some protocol I can't figure out, one day it will seem that the skies are full of contrails. This happened just the other day and I happened to have a camera handy. It looked like a "close call" but they were no doubt very far from each other. Hard to tell at altitude like that, but their closing speed was probably in excess of 1000 MPH.

I like not having the sky littered with fresh contrails and the fuzzy remains of old ones. I also like not having to hear the whine and buzz of distant air traffic. It's almost like time stopped here and "progress" went somewhere else. I don't mind that at all.


Crotalus said...

Just remember, that contrails are nothing more than clouds created from the burned fuel. Man-made clouds, yes, but composed of of water droplets, just like the natural clouds.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is just that conditions are right at the altitudes they fly at. That might cause sporadic contrails.

オテモヤン said...
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Mark B. said...

What, no "Chemtrail Conspiracy" nonsense in comments yet?



wv: "ciatinge" -- I ciatinge of orange in Rio's North Uist image.

Rio Arriba said...

Nope, Mark, you're the first. ;^)

Ciatinge. That's pretty good. Isn't it funny how often the W/V can be twisted to amount to something?