Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mulie Convention

I went to town last week for my monthly hamburger. Well, I had some other errands to run, too, but the hamburger (with fries!) was definitely high on the list.

On the way back I noticed a big crowd of mulies out on a harvested wheat field to my left. (Once I cross the river there are no crops— only cattle and buffalo, but south of the river there are a few scraggly circles.) I stopped and glassed them. They were hard to count, but I stopped at 40. The light was wrong, so I made no pictures.

Then as I approached the river I saw more movement to my left. Twelve to twenty or so mulies moving down toward the others. In about half a mile I saw the familiar heads rising above the scrub. I almost never pass this spot without seeing deer bedded among the cover. Funny thing is this covert faces east, not south.

Finally, just before I got to the river, I saw another batch that looked that they were moving toward the Grand Convention to the south. The light was OK, so I stopped and banged off a couple of frames. Had to limit the shot due to coverage, but there were about twenty in the mob at that point.

I believe this may be the largest bunch of mulies I have seen so far. I estimated 75 to 80.

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