Friday, December 5, 2008

Wimping Out

Twice now, tonight and last night, a big doe and assorted progeny have been up close to the house and seem unperturbed by noises, lights, or my presence. Tonight, just before dusk, the Shorthair told me there were interlopers and when I went out to check there she was: a doe with three big fawns. I have a muzzleloader permit for two more deer, but couldn't bring myself to haul out the frontstuffer. It's cold here, and there is shelter on my place, to which they are welcome.


mike's spot said...

I wouldn't call that wimping out at all. Just because we are hunters and sportsmen doesn't mean we get excited at the killing of a thing, so much as we enjoy being in nature and surrounded by its beauty.

Good for you for letting them have a pass!

Rio Arriba said...

Well, Mike, the truth is that I don't consider it "wimping out" either. I came to terms with my relationship to my four-legged fellow voyagers long ago. My first thought is never "where's my rifle?" when I see deer. It's more along the lines of "ain't they wonderful!" They are bounty from the Great Spirit and not to be abused.

Thanks for your comment!

PS... This morning there was a 10-12 point buck with the four.