Friday, December 12, 2008

An Amazing Moon

On my way out to the shop to get some dog-broth from the freezer for my pups' supper I was confronted by the most dramatic moon I think I have ever seen. Bright, brilliant, huge, and with all features crisp and clear to the naked eye. Absolutely stunning. I suppose the clear, cold air was acting as a magnifying lens.

Due to exposure differentials between the landscape and the moon's brightness I had to do some regularizing in PhotoShop. But even that bit of mild manipulation does not begin to do the real thing justice.


BobG said...

"Absolutely stunning. I suppose the clear, cold air was acting as a magnifying lens."

This may be the explanation.

Rio Arriba said...

I guess I'm kinda out touch, Bob. I saw that explanation after I posted. Thanks for the link. That was one I hadn't seen.

One amazing sight however you cut it!

BobG said...

I just wish I was living somewhere that had that much sky visible.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful place you live. However you found it, you did a great job.

The Other Mike S. said...

Last Friday, the moon was at its lunar perigee - its closest point of the year. It was also somewhat of a rarity, in that it was also a full moon at the same time.

We were overcast here in my part of CA, so we didn't get a good look.

Off Grid Survival said...

Reminds me off something out of star wars