Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Road to Town

Usually I wait 'til I have a whole big list of things that need to be done in town. But I hadn't been off the place for a while and today I decided I would venture in for a haircut and a hamburger (with fries!) at the local cafe.

The nearest town is thirty-two miles away, along a two-track road (one-lane) that is tarred about half way, then gravel the rest except for a little stretch of hard road just before you pull into the metropolis. I live just under two miles off of this thoroughfare, on a sand track that hasn't yet evolved into what could be fairly called a road. If it weren't for the deer and antelope, you could make the trip faster at night when the lights from on-coming vehicles can be seen a long way off and make topping those blind hills a lot safer.

The trip takes about forty-five minutes on a good run and the fuel cost for a round-trip is about $18 -- which is just about what the ferry ticket is from Inis Maan in the Arans to the mainland and back.

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Anonymous said...

You and I have something in common, we both live way out in the sticks by choice.