Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have spent a great deal of time in Ireland over the last two and a half decades. Between personal visits and running small-group cultural trips I consider it almost a second home. I'm going to share a bit of "my Ireland" here from time to time.

A couple of caveats. First, I am not an Irish-American. I am an American with Irish roots and a personal relationship with the country. 100% American with no modifiers or hyphens. Second, I don't like paddywhackery. Paddywhackery is when the Irish are held up to ridicule through basically malicious jokes and stories. Most of which are just generic "Polish jokes" re-cycled. I like stories that are "real" in that they are rooted in Irish reality in one way or another. They reveal something, even while we laugh. If a native Irishman wouldn't laugh at it, why tell it? I don't tell stories I wouldn't tell my Irish friends.

The picture, by the way, was made at Brandon Creek, County Kerry. From here (not this exact place-- the launching point was a little more to the west) St. Brendan was said to have sailed to America sometime in the sixth century. (Yes, I know: Brendan and Brandon. Maybe later.)

There'll be more.


Anonymous said...

I'm Scotch Irish, been to England and Scotland but never made it Ireland.

Jason Plett said...

I'd love to hear more about your travels to Ireland. My bride and I look forward to traveling to that part of the world when our children are old enough to appreciate the trip.