Friday, May 22, 2015

My Jack is Sick

How sick remains to be seen.

He developed a cough on our trip. Not extreme, but intermittent. At a recent routine exam/vaccination visit to my vet, he thought some x-rays might be in order. The radiographs revealed spots on his lymph nodes.

Since we had been in the desert Southwest, and since Jack had been digging in pursuit of the elusive marmot, Desert Fever of course reared its ugly head. A serum sample was sent off to the vet school clinic at Fort Collins. A week of tenterhooks, for me, followed.

The report came back negative for VF. That's good news, in itself, but opens up the specter of lymphoma. My vet, in whom I have great confidence, felt that Jack was not presenting as had most of the dogs he had seen who had turned out to have a lymphoma condition. So a 21-day course of antibiotics was launched, to combat some other, unknown, infection. Jack is on day three. At the end of the 21-days a new set of x-rays will be made. If there is no improvement it will mean a trip to Fort Collins and an aspirant biopsy.

I am so afraid of lymphoma. My last three males died of some sort of cancer before their time.

Fortunately,  Jack shows no sign of illness except for an occasional gagging cough. Today a bit of that, y'day none at all. I do so hope that is a good sign. He is active, appetite good, spirits normal. I would give a finger or two to keep it that way.


Brigid said...

I a so sorry to here this. Here's hoping it's just the equivalent of a doggie cold or allergies. I'll keep Jack and you in my prayers.

Rio Arriba said...

Thanks, B. Problem is there are definite spots on his xrays so I doubt it's a cold. Just have to hang in there and do the best we can. Best case is an infection that the antibiotics will knock in the head. Your prayers are welcome!

Gigi K. said...

"The waiting to find out is the worst," I wanted to say, but that's not really truet. Hoping and praying for a good outcome. Sweet Jack, be well!!

Gigi K. said...

(Of course that is supposed to be "true," not truet. :-P )