Tuesday, May 19, 2015

In New Mexico

We started our Southwestern hegira in New Mexico, after spending about a week in Texas. I am not one for 'RV parks,' preferring instead to boondock-- camping off by ourselves in remote areas and depending on the solar rig and the generator to give us what power and creature-comforts we need.

But we found a really different kind of RV park in New Mexico, fifty miles from the border at Douglas, AZ,  and just a few miles north of the tiny village of Rodeo. We liked it so much we stayed for a month. The Chiricahuas loomed to the west and made a great backdrop for those awesome sunsets, of which there were many.

This was pleasant living: we had water, sewer, and electricity hook-ups and there was wifi right to the trailer. What more could we want? And because the 'lots' were huge we never felt crowded.

Rodeo was a hop and a skip away. There isn't much there, but they do have a café where I dined often. The huevos rancheros there, for breakfast, were the best I've ever had. Be worth going back for them alone!

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