Saturday, May 12, 2012

They don't all make it

And when you consider the odds against them, it's almost a wonder any of them do. None of them would make it without the fierce, obsessive care of the mother bird. You can't watch a tiny female defending her fledgling against a snake twenty times her size without feeling some of the awe and wonder of it all.


BobG said...

I have hummingbirds nesting in some of my trees, and it is interesting to see how they raise their young. They only raise one, but have a "backup". The female always hatches two eggs, and then the one that grows the fastest eventually pushes the other one out of the nest to its death so that only one is left to grow. I've watched this for several years now.
Mother Nature can be ruthless with her children sometimes.

Rio Arriba said...

Yes, "Mother" Nature could just as accurately be called a vampire. Wouldn't matter to "her" one bit. Nature operates by laws that leave no room for the inclusion of human values and emotions. It's a tough lesson to learn, and even harder with Walt Disney at the back of the modern cortex.