Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This is Bob. He lives with a friend who owns a ranch store near me. (Fifty-five miles is "near.") Today I had to run an errand to a town beyond the store and stopped in to visit and swap lies.

Like all the Rotties I have known (that were not owned by psychopaths) he is a sweet, gentle giant. His favorite thing is to follow me around in the store sniffing at my jeans so he can learn all about my dogs at home. By the time I leave the place I am usually pretty wet below the knees. But he's a fine fellow and I do not begrudge him his little pleasures and I appreciate his friendship. He watches the world go by from his special perch outside the store.

Rotties get a bad reputation, and it's undeserved. It's a fact that some people own them that shouldn't. Because of the bad rep it becomes a self-perpetuating outrage: bad people want bad dogs. But without the bad people there would BE no bad dogs. My experience with Rottweilers (and it is extensive) is that they are gentle, loving, sweet-natured critters. They are also very, very intelligent.

I don't have a Rottie anymore. Whenever I visit Bob I think about that with a tinge of regret. But I already have three good friends that I am completely happy with.


SHARON said...

I had an INTENSE discussion with a supervisor where I use to work. Lucky for him, he was never MY supervisor for I would have worked for him long enough to load the gun. But it seems his step son and wife were expecting their first child and this goof was concerned about their pit-bull. I told him "There are no bad dogs just bad owners." Of course, I had to say this several times to which he ended up stomping out of the office. Loved it.

Rio Arriba said...

I'm always dismayed when a breed is singled out by the clueless. When I had a Rottie (who was a well-known charmer) my insurance company wrote me a hateful letter with papers I was to sign and return, signifying that I was releasing them from any claims related to my dog. I told them they could pound sand and they backed off but I found the whole episode contemptible.

There'll be a whole lot more of this sort of thing as we have larger and larger populations and more bureaucrats interested in telling us how to run our lives.