Monday, February 21, 2011

The "Dog Days"

Traditionally the "dog days" are in the hottest time of the year, usually in August. But for my pups the real dog days are during the hyper-cold, inclement days of winter on the High Plains. We just don't get out for rambles as much as they would like. Yet I'm amazed at their patience and good nature: nobody's going stir-crazy, or coming down with cabin fever (except maybe me) and they... adjust.

Last week, though, we had a brief respite, with temps in the mid to high 60s, wonderful, healing sunshine, and not much wind. This weekend it's a return to near-zero, snow, and generally nasty days and nights.

Spring is coming. We just don't have its official ETA yet.


Carol said...

Priceless picture of those two. My dogs, being old, are much more content during winter. We still go out twice a week in good weather, though, even if all we do is take a leisurely walk through the woods and do some sniffing.

Brigid said...

Happy dogs. We had more snow and ice and then it's up in the 50's. I'm hoping that's the last snow.