Saturday, August 14, 2010

What a wonderful day!

Jack is 9 weeks old today. I figured he was overdue for a little work-out, so I thawed a pheasant wing and attached it to a fly-rod. I took him out front (with the other dogs put away) and let him see and smell the wing but not touch it, keeping it away from him with the fly-rod when he got too close. In about thirty seconds he decided that pointing was better than chasing and I grabbed this shot of his first real point on a "bird."

I only worked with him for about fifteen minutes. He didn't want to quit and after I put the wing and rod away he stayed on the training ground and "tracked" wherever the wing had been, with great enthusiasm. I finally had to go collect him and put him in his pen for a nap.

I guess it would take another bird-dog person to understand what a special thing this is for me. My "little man" has passed his first test and this is a very major thrill for me— and I think for him as well. Nothing can match this until his first point on a real bird this fall. Life is good!


Kansas Scout said...

So far so good. The next question is...the Nose. Just how good is it? It all hinges around that. I had one fail that test. Great little dog but she could rarely smell them. He had to go.
Yes, it was a good day for you.
She shows interest in the game. That counts for a lot.

Kansas Scout said...

He, it was a he, the dog did not have gender confusion like my post!

Rio Arriba said...

Jack's a "he," too.

SHARON said...

As a 'Dad' you must be SOOOOOO proud! What a cute little guy. I remember when my yellow lab, Abby, heard wild geese for the first time and looked up at them in the sky. Of course, I never took her hunting but I bet she would have been good at it.

BobG said...

Seeing that little guy taking that pose made my whole day.

Rio Arriba said...

Sure made MY day, I can tell you that!