Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dog-nanny checking in!

Been kinda AWOL lately. I can't really blame it on Jack, but he has been a factor, even if a pleasant one.

For those that might be interested, he weighed 10.4# and stood 12" when he came to us. Yesterday, his ninth with us, he weighed in at 13.4# and stands 14". He and Mags are great buddies now and the play-fights they seem to enjoy so much would curdle your blood to watch and listen to. He's spunky in spades, and though she continues to be able to dominate him, at 26#, she cannot cow him. She's going to need counseling when her dominant period comes to an end, which isn't all that far away. But she's amazingly patient with him, which I think is quite a feat since I know well how sharp those little teeth are.

He knows his name; will come about 2/3ds of the time he is called; responds well to "Be quick!" (potty command); hasn't soiled his crate and sleeps through the night; understands "No bite!" as well as a more generalized "No!" He barks at strangers, but is ready to be friendly if they are. He's doing a lot of little quick points when we walk in the fields and I think he's ready for the pheasant wings now. Doesn't seem afraid of thunder and I've been shooting a .22 rifle about 50 yards away while he eats. No signs of undue alarm yet, but he is curious about it.

They can be tiring, but puppies are a wonderful experience and I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't experienced one.

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Anonymous said...

The time spent now is demanding and exhausting, but, it will pay huge dividends in the years to come. Pups are so eager to please as they find their place in the pack.
We lost our 17 year old recently and while we would love to have another member of our two person pack,we don't have the time for a pup.
Jack is growing fast, cherish these days and please keep us all posted with pictures and stories.