Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What did I say?

In yesterday's paean to "the first day of spring," I mean. I believe I may have mentioned the possibility that Father Winter was still lurking about.

We are now under a Winter Weather Advisory. It's snowing heavily and ten inches is predicted by tomorrow evening.

And the beat goes on.


Kansas Scout said...

Thats the down side to being on the Northern High Plains. But then, when I lived in the Ozarks just north of the Arkansas/Missouri border I experienced two blizzards in late march with 12 inch snows. Maybe it's just fate?
In KC the snow left us last week and spring rains are upon us this week. Winter has left us. But there are always those March surprises. At least there is moisture. Do you folks burn off your fields like they do in our Flint Hills in the spring?

Anonymous said...

Ya jinxed it. Besides, its not really spring on the southern High Plains until we get one last calf-killing, flower flattening winter storm. Usually just in time for Easter.