Friday, March 19, 2010


Naps for me go in cycles. I'll go a few weeks with nary a one, and then one week I will sack out for a while in the afternoon almost every day.

For the dogs it is a treat they relish.

My bedroom opens onto the living room, where they are often sprawled on the couch by the front windows. They don't have free-run of the bedroom or they'd be on the bed all day when they're inside, which I don't want. But if I head toward the bedroom door they are off the couch, or wherever else they are, in a flash and right behind me— in anticipation of a possible "nap time" coming up.

I'm not sure why it's such a special event for them, but it is. Nap-time consists of me lying in the middle of the king-sized bed and Emma on the window side, tight against me, and Mags on the other side, also tight against me. I keep a blanket on top of the bed and usually toss it over the three of us. Emma is quite a "talker" and at that point she usually starts in on her muted Song of Bliss. Mags just snuggles and goes to sleep.

Naps are a great blessing for those who make their own schedule and have the time for them. The dogs agree whole-heartedly.

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Brigid said...

I used to tease my Dad about his naps. Then I turned 40 and every Saturday started laying down on the big bed for a half an hour. It's a small catch up after many nights of interrupted sleep during the week, a phone call at 2:30 from headquarters, the occassional wrong number of a work schedule that only gave me 4 hours of sleep.

I have the feeling within the next year I'm going to add one to Sunday as well.