Friday, April 26, 2013

We need moisture!

The fire that almost burned me out last August swept across a swath about twenty miles long before it got to me. This is a view of what it left behind. Nothing. Hardly a blade of grass in sight, and it goes for miles. Even with a wet spring and summer it will take ten to fifteen years for this part of the range recover. Maybe longer. Meanwhile, the sand is moving, moving. In places it will cover the road in a year or two. This may seem like tough, hardy, robust country and in many ways it is. But it's also as fragile as tundra.


BobF said...

Been wondering where you were.

Yep, Mother Nature can do as much damage as any terrorist can, only usually with less loss of human life because we can escape more quickly.

Heh. Word verification is "pyrites onseili." Sounds like a sign at a tourists' cheap jewelry stand.

Crotalus said...

I thought that fire was good for grass. It burns off the dead stuff, kills invading trees, while the living part of the grass is hunkered down in the soil, no?