Sunday, October 7, 2012

The morning ramble

 It went into the low 20s last night. The cold weather flips some sort of switch in Jack's brain and he has been an absolute PIA this morning, being as insistent as a small child with lots of presents under the tree.

He is the most vocal dog I have ever lived with. Has the most amazing range of vocals, with assorted UMMMs, OOOOs, YEEOWs, WOOFs, BOOFs, EEEEs, GURMMMMMs, and some that I can find no way to even approximately transliterate on the page. He is obviously doing his best to communicate, to "say something." We have many interesting conversations, with neither of us being completely sure what the other is trying to get across.

But this morning he came through loud and clear. And often. "Let's go out and walk! A long one!"

And so we did. All four of us. We've had a coyote hanging around lately and so I shouldered my little Kimber .243 and off we went. A nice long ramble during which we saw 13 whitetails that seemed a little jumpy this morning. No coyote, which is a good thing since Mags hates gunfire and I try to never shoot when she is outside.

We got back to the house and Jack still wanted to go. But he is a good compromiser and came inside with the rest of the "old folks."

He'll be at me again this afternoon and no doubt I will succumb yet once more.

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BobG said...

Sounds like Jack wants to go hunting.