Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Growth

Slowly the range regrows itself after our recent spate of wildfires. It's a welcome sight, the fresh, tender, new sprouts. But we still haven't had any rain, and our official drought condition is "Exceptional." They can say that again. Yesterday the humidity was 6%. We're getting to be the New American Desert. Only the prickly pear is thriving.


Crotalus said...

Late to comment, I know, but fire is as necessary to the prairie as it is to the giant Sequoias, and to our native fan palms in the Palm Desert area. Without fire, the fan palms and Sequoias cannot germinate new seeds, and on the prairie, fire keeps trees at bay. The aforementioned trees and the prairie grass all survive fire, and continue to grow. Of course, you keep the homestead clear of fuels so the house doesn't burn.

Brigid said...

I am still surprised how just a few weeks of rain mended the scars on the earth formed by a month of 100 degrees plus.

The earth renews, better than we do, usually.