Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jack's passion

Funny about dogs. They all have their "things." Jack's are, in order, (1) the truck, and (2) the Rhino. Things that cover ground and go places! Jack's a motor-head.

My truck lives in the shop building, sometimes not coming out for three weeks at a time. But when I do pull it out, getting ready to go somewhere, Jack will not leave it! He stays close by, just in case I might try to sneak off without him. Going in the truck is his Number One Thing, and sometimes I give in and take him when I hadn't intended to. It'd be much more comfy if he stayed at home, but that's not His Thing.

I have a crew cab, with the back seat made down to a flat area for the dogs. Nirvana for Jack is to be back there with both rear windows open so he can ricochet from side to side taking in all the smells and all the sights.

I give in much too often, but hardly ever feel any guilt about it.


Chas S. Clifton said...

The dog's no fool. And if you carry a shotgun toward the truck, I bet he would run through a brick wall to get there.

purplemagpiesnest said...

Nothing like watching a happy dog ricochet from window to window, trying to catch all the smells whipping by. :) Made me happy just reading about Jack doing that.