Sunday, March 11, 2012

New look for an old friend

Been quite a while since I've had a gun-related entry here. So...

I recently had a facelift done on an old friend. My Colt Gold Cup is one of my most accurate handguns, in addition to being pretty elegant esthetically as well. Her only flaw was that the short extension of the grip safety coupled with the long spur of the hammer caused her to occasionally give me a painful bite on the web of my hand. I like a pretty high hold on a 1911 and this tendency of the Gold Cup was annoying.

Not too many gunsmiths around here, but I finally stumbled on one that is experienced in that sort of work. Plus, he's only a 210 mile round trip away. Anyway, I had him install an Ed Brown beavertail grip safety and a Wilson ultra-light skeletonized hammer. I was happy with the trigger as it was at 3 pounds 12 ounces, but when she came back it was 3 pounds 9 ounces so all is well. Years ago I had the Elliason sights dehorned for carry purposes, so now she is about perfect as an all-around "field and target" pistol. The extraordinary accuracy of this old classic has not been changed, of course.

The 'smith only took a little over a month to do the work and it's good to have her home again. I can't think of a single improvement that could be made to her now.


Brigid said...

Dang! That is pretty. I looked yesterday, nothing of real character in the display case, lots of plastic only.

THAT is a gun I'd be proud to own.

Rio Arriba said...

Thanks, B. I'm pretty partial to it myself. Being a dinosaur I don't own much plastic. In a moment of weakness I once bought a Kahr CW9 to carry— my only piece of (partial) Tupperware. It stays mostly in the bedside drawer and I carry the Kimber or, now, the Gold Cup, and sometimes even a (*gasp*) ree-volver.