Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tired of weeding!

If weeds were edible (and I guess some are) there would be no world food problem. I could probably feed all of Bangladesh out of my little garden plot, at least this year I might've as they seemed especially vigorous and fast-growing.

I know there are many schemes to avoid or defeat weeds, but next year I am going to try a containerized garden. I have quite a few of those heavy-duty "lick tubs" that ranchers use to feed specialized nutrients to their cattle. One of my neighbors has a huge stockpile of the really good ones (heavy resin or plastic construction— almost indestructible) and said I could have all I want.

So Jack and I took a ride today. Only about 25 miles round trip, but we ended up with some nice containers for next year, and the promise of more if we want them.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Magpie and I love container gardening! We still get some weeds because the Mr. likes to use "natural" sources for the potting soil, but the pesky unwanted seedlings are certainly easier to get to in a container. With a nice layer of mulch they're very easy to pull too, and it also helps with the problem of pots drying out more quickly than plants that are in the ground.

Don't forget to drill some drainage holes if those tubs don't have any. Happy gardening! :)

Bob@thenest said...

You know, most dogs like to dig, and many have been trained to sniff out corpses, drugs, cancer, impending attacks of whatever, etc.

Surely someone could combine those two factors and come up with a training program for a weed removal pup?!

Besides, I'd rather blame the pooch for pulling what turned out to be the wife's latest she stuck in the ground without telling me.

North said...

I added you to the Gun Blog Black List: gunblogblacklist.blogspot.com