Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Dark caught me on the way home from my Sunday visit and as dusk fell I couldn't resist stopping to make a picture of the rising moon over the prairie. It's always such an awesome sight. At the same time it can make you feel both incredibly small and richly blessed.

I'm in the middle of "trip prep" now, for the Irish journey. The last time I don't think I added a single entry to this blog while I was away. I'll try to do a little better this time, but no promises. Emma and Mags go to those neighbors' ranch and Jack goes to Burd Dawg Kolledge. I tell Em and Mags that I've been saving all year to send them to this very expensive, exclusive doggy camp. They never believe me.


Carol said...

Beautiful picture. Some photos and posts during your trip would be delightful. Bon voyage or whatever the Gaelic equivalent.

Kansas Scout said...

The last several photos have been real nice. Have a safe trip

Miz Minka said...

T'anam chun Dia! but there it is-
The dawn on the hills of Ireland!
God's angels lifting the nights's black veil
From the fair, sweet face of my sireland!
O, Ireland! isn't it grand to look-
Like a bride in her rich adornin'!
With all the pent-up love of my heart
I bid you the top o'the morning'!
The Exile's Return
by John Locke

Have a wonderful time on the Ould Sod, and safe travels home!