Monday, January 10, 2011

Speed Goats

I encountered these citizens on a recent trip to town. This is the time of year they start to bunch up. Individual groups will gather together and I have seen as many as two-hundred in a single mob. They also seem a little less skittish as winter really sets in. Unlike deer, antelope don't seem comfortable around human habitations. So while I can have twenty or thirty mulies in the front yard I have never had an antelope come across the fence into the compound. But I almost never go to town without seeing several. And sometimes a great many of them.

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Sven said...

Prairie Ghosts...
Still my favored big game critter.

To watch them run at 25/30 mph, barely breathing hard and then *BAM* lower their head and kick in the afterburners....outrunning the truck fishtailing on the section road at 55 mph, THAT is astounding to me.

And, they are tasty critters.