Thursday, December 9, 2010

Off the coast

For the past few weeks I have been working my way through hundreds and hundreds of original negatives made in my 25+ years (intermittent) in Ireland. I came upon one that is one of my favorite all-time images. I had been invited by my good friend Danny to come out with him on his small fishing boat for a day of work with nets and pots. It was a fine day and I eagerly agreed, despite my great and deep-rooted respect (call it 'fear' if you like) for the sea.

We had a great time. Danny is a consummate seaman, and has even navigated from Ireland to the U.S. in an open boat. I have the utmost confidence in him. I asked him when we were back on the quay, "Danny, are you ever afraid of the sea?"

"I am, of course," he said. "Always. And the man who isn't is soon dead."

I love this photograph of my friend.


Sven said...

"I am, of course," he said. "Always. And the man who isn't is soon dead."

The same holds true for the prairie where you and I live. She is a delight and a demon, rage in her heart, death waits at every turn for the unprepared...the unknowing and unconscious being that wanders out into her rolling, deceptive and vast scape.

BTW...great pic!

Rio Arriba said...


Thanks for your comment! You are so right. I posted about this earlier.

Those of who live on HIgh Plains ranchsteads DO live on islands, with all the pleasures, privileges, duties, and dangers of island life.

It may have something to do with the overall pleasure I take in where and how I live.

Carol said...

Magnificent, evocative picture.

BobG said...

Beautiful photo.
I like the fact that you caught his character and personality and did not take a "posed" picture.

Brigid said...

Incredible photograph. I can imagine just by looking at it, the strengths of the man that is captured there.

Thank you.

Kansas Scout said...

I had the same thought as Sven. Being a prairie landlubber son of a sailor man I always felt the pull/fear of the sea. I still prefer the inland sea of grass. Good picture! It's a lucky thing to befriend a man like him. It's a great gift to be lucky.

Raul Castro said...

We see that your friend "Danny" is quite clearly Fidel Castro. We assume that "fishing boat" is a raft cobbled together from inner tubes and styrofoam packing materials.

Also, he has the world's smallest pet seagull.

Rio Arriba said...

Raul— So I'm busted!

At least the world now knows that your bro likes to keep the Common Touch.