Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jack. Again. (Get used to it.)

The other day the pups and I did a lot of walking on the place, checking everything out. If there's a high point, Jack likes to take it and do his King-of-the-World thing. He climbed up on the dirt backstop to one of my shooting ranges and when I said "Jack!" gave me this shot. I can see "adult" in it and I like what I see.

It captures his basic nature. He is definitely a spicy meatball, but good-hearted, robust, and a great deal of fun to have around.


Carol said...

I have two older dogs (77 and 84 in human years), but I often take my friend's 3-yr. old Shepherd with us on our walks through the woods. Does my heart good to see a youngster running wild through the leaves on a bright fall day, while my two oldsters walk along sedately, content in the knowledge that no matter how hard you try, you will never catch that wild turkey you see ahead of you on the trail.

Enjoy your boy.

Brigid said...

That is one beautiful dog.