Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Downside of Travel

For me the downside would have to be being away from my dogs for several weeks. They go to dog-savvy neighbors, or, in the case of Jack, to his Mom and Dad's place, where one brother still remains. It's not really their deprivation, it's mine. Worse in the case of a puppy. I missed three weeks of Jack's development after all.

The pic above was made today, on a ramble the four of us took. In some situations and from certain angles he looked very mature. He's losing some of that dunderfoot puppy-klutz stuff and becoming more agile, more confident, even occasionally elegant in the way he moves and handles himself.

Not much can compare to walking with two close-working bird-dogs. They are the very definition of passion and the giving of 110% at all times. Life is good!


Kansas Scout said...

Looking good. Grew FAST! He looks like he means business. Good sign that.

BobG said...

Beautiful dog; makes me want to get out the scattergun and go hunting.