Thursday, September 24, 2009

More trench warfare

The coming of autumn has apparently energized my resident population of pocket gophers. My front area (which I sometimes humorously refer to as a 'lawn') looks like a deranged treasure hunter has been digging test holes. I won't use poison because of my dogs, but have tried the chewing gum method, which seems to work. But the only certain method I have found is to shoot the little miscreants. This is difficult because they only surface to offload their tunnel diggings for a very brief time every day or so and seeing them in action is iffy at best. Plus, when they are working you only have a second or less to get off a shot at a small target. This one made the mistake of doing his excavating very close to my front deck and suffered the consequences. The Gopher Nation and I would get along just fine if they would confine their mining activities to the greater prairie and leave my compound alone. This fellow is certain to comply.

(The prescription in this particular case was an iron-sighted Ruger 10/22.)


Lorimor said...

This lawn ain't big enough for the two of us. :)

Bob@thenest said...

Think of it as practice in developing a sight picture quickly. :-)